Frequently Asked Questions

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A quality software development company does deliver your product on time within the budget as per signed project contract. In the first step you will receive full-featured consulting and a project/services proposal with detailed calculation. If you accept the proposal, a quality software company will prepare legal documents (contract, necessary amendments, NDA's or other). The more questions you will ask and the more detailed answers you will get, the more you will learn about the software company's capabilities.

“Quality lies in the details.”

You can identify a quality software development company by the following things:

  1. Check out the company's portfolio, references and history for existing results.
  2. Share your requirements and ask for free consultation.
  3. Get a free detailed price calculation.
  4. Ask for the technologies they use, know the development team and their expertise.
  5. Get a software development process description to understand their software development process standards.
  6. Ask for the process of the whole cooperation including legal aspects.
  7. Check for the overall company image and online presence and quality of the communication - it says a lot about your prospective partner.

KERN.ADLER Software will help you to build a future-driven application that engages with your customers to deliver best user-experience. We follow our standardized process from understanding client's requirements, planning, wireframing, design and development, deployment and application support. We are committed to delivering for our customers a superior experience by building quality products on time, at competitive rates and with full technical, administrative and legal support.

It's great to have an idea but you need to convert it into reality. First stage is to build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) so you can test your idea and business model at a small scale and get a Proof of Concept (POC). With a POC and a detailed business plan you will be ready to look for investors to finalize your product for the launch. If you have no budget for a MVP, try to find an angel investor who will like your idea and give you the initial investment. In case we like your idea, at KERN.ADLER Software we are ready to partner with you and cover the costs for building a MVP with our team.

It highly depends on the business requirements and application features including which platform/s you choose. Approximately, primary application development (MVP - Minimum Viable Product) will cost around 30,000€ - 90,000€ and will easily go to a range from 160,000€ to 240,000€ based on the complexity of the app. The final price may also change based on client's new updates during the development phase, testing, and other factors.

The development cycle time varies depending on several factors like: features, complexity, design, platform type, third-party services, budget and other. In general it can take anywhere from 1-8 months.

A quality contract gives you full control and any rights that were agreed to your software. Although it is not possible to legally deny the authorship to whomever built the software or contributed to part of it, a contract will give you all the rights as agreed by the parties in the contract: f.e. unlimited or limited ownership rights by region or time etc. At KERN.ADLER Software we are preparing the contracts for our clients with quality legal advisors experienced in the IT and software industry.

Yes we do. Based on the current requirements of any project, we are able to assign new specialists from our large database. Our developers are ready to relocate to the client's location within the EU region if on-site work is required.

At KERN.ADLER Software, we use tracking tools to track all the work done by each team member. It will help avoid fictional charges as with tracking/recording tools; you can have a detailed report of all the going work. Clients have the access to the tracking tool to review the work history, resume, even they can see the work of the developers live on their screens.

We offer multiple services as a software development company. The costs for the services are being calculated based on the chosen collaboration model (dedicated personnel on hourly, daily based rates, or time and material fixed project costs), remote vs. on-site cooperation, expertise level, and other. The costs will of course also vary based on the type of the software expertise: whether it is frontend development, AI, ML, solution architect services or other.