Collaboration models

    With our variety of collaboration models, we can accommodate all of your business needs and strategies.

Dedicated Resource Model

  • Offshore resource pool dedicated to a project
  • Experienced professionals handpicked according to the requirements of the specific project
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Task-oriented and fast adaptability
  • Full administrative support
  • Access to specialized skills

Hybrid Model

  • Combination of project-based and dedicated teams working in a multilingual culture
  • Maximum integration with client’s organisation, culture and vision
  • Faster knowledge transfer and higher quality knowledge sharing
  • Improved decision-making through in-depth business knowledge.
  • Full functional Test Driven development model
  • Adaptive business environment

Outsourcing Model

  • Resource pool dedicated to projects work for faster delivery
  • Extend current teams while building technical expertise and ensuring documentation and knowledge base in the clients control
  • SME and technical knowledge base will be well managed with client so the visibility and transparency achieved
  • Complete integration of our team in the general workflow of client’s environment
  • Access to technical resource pool as well as subject matter experts
  • Client remains in control of project delivery, tools and documentation with controlled redundancies
  • Team is more scalable on demand basis and meet the delivery needs of client
  • SME and Technical architects are focused for building a scalable architecture

Pay-Per-Project Model

  • Easy to execute projects based on time and material
  • Most effective with start-ups, government project and fast deliverable MVP projects
  • Convenient structure and great flexibility
  • Agile approach to the development process
  • Work scope tied to project instead of people
  • Cost control and budget flexibility
  • Full administrative support
  • Suitable for multilingual cultures

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